Tips for laptop users

Find out how to properly “manage” your laptop, what to do if… (something bad happens) and how to maintain it working well and avoid “surprises”…

Although this site talks generally about laptops running Windows, many articles apply to any personal computer running any major operating system – Windows, MacOS or Linux. LaptopTips tries to look at all basic topics from a beginner’s prospective. After all, over 90% of all computer users would never leave the “beginner” category. Even most of the “power users” are usually experts in one area, mostly the use of a particular software, but may not be aware of basic hardware setup and troubleshooting.

This site contains a lot of concise practical advice on all basic topics that a modern computer user should be aware of, from initial hardware and software setup with data security in mind, to the “bare minimum” of preventive maintenance that would help your computer to work better and last longer. LaptopTips also deals with the more common computer failures, providing a step by step help on the symptoms, how to diagnose and fix them.

WordPress plugins

With well over 6,000,000 downloads (at the time of writing), and around 2,000 plugins, WordPress is the premiere free blogging platform. It has a large and dedicated group of contributors, supporters, plugin authors and fans. With its well documented API, helpful forums and mailing lists, it’s quite easy for anyone with even basic understanding of web design and scripting to find a way to contribute. I had a lot of fun making several WordPress plugins:

  • TinyMCE Advanced 2 - admin page TinyMCE Advanced adds a lot of functionality to the visual editor making it capable of producing more advanced html and adding support for tables, inline css, a lot more options in the link and image dialogues, full screen mode, search and replace and custom context menu among others.
  • Shutter Reloaded activation options Shutter Reloaded is a javascript image viewer (like Lightbox, Thickbox, etc.) that is a lot smaller in size and doesn’t use external libraries. It started as a compatibility fix as I didn’t want to load both Prototype.js and effects.js (over 120KB) on every page. Currently it has many features: resizing large images if the window is too small to display them with option to show the image in full size, preloading of neighbour images for faster display, text or icons for the previous, next, close buttons, customization of all colours and very good browser compatibility.
  • Excerpt Editor Excerpt Editor provides a convenient place for creating and editing all WordPress excerpts. It can add excerpts to pages and has many functions for auto-generating and appending excerpts to Posts, Pages or Archive listings. It can also replace the posts listed on the Home page, all archive pages and/or all tags pages with excerpts, eliminating content duplication (SEO).
  • SCF2 Contact Form Options SCF2 Contact Form is not only a contact form plugin, it’s more like a private messaging system. It stores all received messages in the database, allowing the admin users to read and replay directly from WordPress. It uses the comments routines to filter spam as well as Akismet and Bad Behaviour (if installed) and has a option for anti-spambot question/answer verification.
  • Edit Category Category Description Editor is an enhancement for the “Add Category” and “Edit Category” pages. It enables the WordPress visual editor (TinyMCE) on the category description field and lets you add or edit the descriptions the same way you write posts.