This site was built with the intent of being helpful for the most computer, and in particular laptop users that want to know a bit more about how to setup, maintain and eventually fix their computers. It contains practical information from my loooong experience with computers, that started in the late 80’s. Yes, that was the time of DOS and terminals (green text on a black screen) when personal computers were strictly “business machines”, and although there were some very slow but quite expensive modems, Internet was pure Sci-Fi and Cyberspace was something extra-terrestrial.

Yes, computers have come a very long way indeed for the last twenty years, considering that today’s simple PDA has better connectivity and a lot more computing power than the million dollars computers used in the early space programs (the very top of the line at that time).

Throughout these years I’ve held several different positions – Tech. Support, Sysadmin, System Analyst, Technical Writer, etc. For the last six-seven years I’ve been working independently, concentrating on fixing computers, and in particular laptops, but also advising on more advanced business solutions involving Linux, networking/Internet, physical and software security, website development and usability, etc.

I’ve learned a lot from many different sites on the Internet and I feel it’s about time to try to give back that knowledge to anyone that needs it.


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