Some general topics every laptop user should be aware of…

Initial Setup

From software point of view there are almost no differences between a desktop PC and a laptop, except the better power saving options. So these tips apply for all Windows computers. Most new laptops come with Windows preinstalled, however it has probably the worst security settings out of the... ( Read more → )


Laptops hate drinks, any kind of them. Some may tolerate a small sip of vodka or scotch on the rocks, but that's about all. Any other kind of drink - coffee, tea, wine, pop or any soft drink will kill them almost instantly. I've been dealing with laptops for quite a long time but have seen just... ( Read more → )

Heat and Dust

The most important part of your laptop that needs to be clean is... the heatsink. Yes, heat is the "cause of death" for most laptops. The heat not only causes all components to expand and contract a little (as you turn it on and off), but will also reach dangerously high levels and make your laptop... ( Read more → )