LCD Failures

Hardware failure – LCD, inverter, cable or backlight


  • The laptop appears to start as usual but the screen is black, if you move it, it turns on and works properly. Failed cable.
  • The laptop appears to start as usual but the screen is very dark, although it changes colour a little and you can see a very feint image. Failed inverter or cable 90%/10%.
  • Immediately after starting the screen has dark pink/red tint and turns dark after a few seconds. Failed backlight.
  • The screen flickers a few times but then turns dark, if you move it or tap it lightly on the sides, it flickers again. Failed cable or LCD 50%/50%.
  • Screen is either black or white (no picture) and external monitor works. Failed cable or LCD 30%/70%.
  • There are stripes on the screen (either vertical or horizontal) that change when you move the screen or tap it lightly on the sides. Failed cable or LCD 10%/90%.

In all above cases, if you plug in an external monitor, everything shows fine on it (you have to plug it in before starting the laptop and may need to press the “Fn” key together with one of the “F1″ – “F10″ keys to make the laptop recognize the external monitor).


If the screen is black, look for the “lid closed” switch and try pushing it a few times. It’s usually a small switch near the hinges that is pressed when the lid(the screen) is closed. Sometimes these switches get stuck in the “lid closed” position that results in black screen(no backlight) or non-starting laptop. Also some laptops have a magnetic switch (newer Dells, most Macs, etc.) that doesn’t get stuck.

The most common failures are (in this order): inverter, “lid closed” switch, cable, LCD, backlight.


  • #209 by Ida Bailey February 25, 2015 at: 5:38 pm

    Hello, I have an ideapad Z400 Touch Lenovo and I am having a problem with LCD screen turned to dark. I have tried to turn it to brighter but still look dim. I barely see what is on the screen as it is too dark. When i plugged in to external monitor, it works well.
    Please assist me on this problem.

    Thanks xx

  • #208 by Maryam Sajid February 3, 2015 at: 9:41 am

    Hii..I have dell laptop given by shehbaz sharef..when I started it today it went ok but suddenly its screen went black but laptop was not off thn I restart it several times but it doesnt work except one time it start normaly thn vertical white lines appear on it and it stcks and after that it again got black..plz tell me whats the problem I have a alot of work to do and now I am helpless :'(

  • #207 by Sandy January 23, 2015 at: 8:52 pm

    Hi I have a Acer V5-571PG and when I turned the laptop on it was black I turned it off then on with no result I have press Fn 7-Fn 10 also have a mouse I attached that doesn’t work does that mean the motherboard is the problem?

    Thanks Sandra

  • #206 by Harry T December 16, 2014 at: 11:38 pm

    Hi everyone! I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop that shows the Dell startup screen for a solit second in red for a split second and goes to black. I know it works because sometimes the log in screen pops up when I close the lid and reppen it. What do you think is the cause’ of this? Please help me!!

  • #205 by Dhamotharan December 11, 2014 at: 6:43 am

    my laptop is Compaq presario cq40 i have a problem with my display when i open laptop there is lines running vertically in the screen even i can hear sound windows open but not able to view. is its cable problem or the display problem? plz reply fast help help

  • #204 by lizzy November 29, 2014 at: 3:50 am

    screen problem lenovo E520
    My screen started to have problems with colours. (oranges became blue) by adjusting the screen slightly I could fix this.
    over time this problem became worse, and when the screen did not show correct colours the mouse does not work. Now the screen has gone grey, without an image, with slight widely spaced vertical stripes and it is very difficult to even get a start up screen.
    Laptop works perfectly when attached to an external monitor.
    Please can anyone diagnose the fault or point me in the right direction?

  • #203 by jenn November 19, 2014 at: 1:52 pm

    most of these problems can be fixed by jiggling the wires that connect the screen to the rest of the laptop, it’s just loose cables. as for the screen cracked by the usb cord, all you can do to fix it is buy a new screen. they’re only about $50 which isn’t much considering the price of a laptop.

  • #202 by naturinda ronald November 12, 2014 at: 4:12 am

    i have acer mini-laptop but when i turn it on,it starts well but later i can’t display well as well as showing the horizontal lines. what can i do? I have connected it to extern monitor it worked.

  • #201 by Ranjit Singh October 30, 2014 at: 9:24 pm

    Hello ,
    my hp pavilion the problem is when i on the labtop than i see very slite picture in the screen but when i attached the other moniter lcd than there is no problems
    please give me next

  • #200 by mike October 20, 2014 at: 3:57 pm

    have a dell vostro 1400…when I turn the dell logo appears then the screen goes black…what can the problem be?