LCD Failures

Hardware failure – LCD, inverter, cable or backlight


  • The laptop appears to start as usual but the screen is black, if you move it, it turns on and works properly. Failed cable.
  • The laptop appears to start as usual but the screen is very dark, although it changes colour a little and you can see a very feint image. Failed inverter or cable 90%/10%.
  • Immediately after starting the screen has dark pink/red tint and turns dark after a few seconds. Failed backlight.
  • The screen flickers a few times but then turns dark, if you move it or tap it lightly on the sides, it flickers again. Failed cable or LCD 50%/50%.
  • Screen is either black or white (no picture) and external monitor works. Failed cable or LCD 30%/70%.
  • There are stripes on the screen (either vertical or horizontal) that change when you move the screen or tap it lightly on the sides. Failed cable or LCD 10%/90%.

In all above cases, if you plug in an external monitor, everything shows fine on it (you have to plug it in before starting the laptop and may need to press the “Fn” key together with one of the “F1” – “F10” keys to make the laptop recognize the external monitor).


If the screen is black, look for the “lid closed” switch and try pushing it a few times. It’s usually a small switch near the hinges that is pressed when the lid(the screen) is closed. Sometimes these switches get stuck in the “lid closed” position that results in black screen(no backlight) or non-starting laptop. Also some laptops have a magnetic switch (newer Dells, most Macs, etc.) that doesn’t get stuck.

The most common failures are (in this order): inverter, “lid closed” switch, cable, LCD, backlight.

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  1. Hello
    I hope you can help me.
    I have a laptop that didn’t boot.
    I didn’t have time to fix it, so it was not working for 2 months.
    Ater 2 months I fix it (Motherboard Power problem).
    Now it has other problem, the screen is too yellow.
    The white things, like txt file, are vanilla yellow. And the image is not so bright as it should be (I compare it with other laptop) but it is enough bright to be perfectly visible. Just not as bright as it should be.
    The problem is not the Motherboard, or software, because I connect external monitor and the image is normal.
    Could it be the screen backlight? An aging backlight makes the image yellow?
    Thank you

    1. Hi. I’m not sure if you can help but I’ve exhausted all avenues. A couple of weeks ago on start up the appearance seemed to have changed. This came after the windows updates I think it didn’t want to update and took numerous attempts. After this everytime I shutdown pc at night the screen start up and then after 2 seconds goes blank. I found a solution to this and found that you had to turn desktop monitor button on and off numrous times and eventually it does come bright enough to see. Now weeks later after trying everything I now takes about 50 times of turning monitor on and off button before it comes on properly and stays on

      I didn’t know if it was drvier updates or what. I’ve tried all sorts and changing start ups. Exactly the same happens in safemode. comes on 2 seconds then cannot see until you’ve pressed on and button until it comes on properly

      Once its on its all fine. You can restart once you’ve done the above and it comes back on as it should. I’ve stopped it going to sleep and it must be kept on all day long whether used or not. This only happens after being shut down over night and turning on first thing the following day

      Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it ?

      I cannot restore. For some reason there is NO option to do this on pc like normal. I’m running on windows 7 profession 64bit and dell monitor E196FP. I don’t have another monitor to test it with either

      any solutions would be appreciated. thanks

  2. Hello my laptop screen works when i get in to windows after few minutes is getting dark with a colored line on left of the screen. Is getting fine after few minutes the same.

  3. i need help pls..
    when i touch my hp laptop lcd(monitor) from any place or move it or sometimes when i touch the laptop like typing with the keyboard(or any kind of moving the laptop) the colors gets lighter & keeps going light and normal as long as i keep touching or oving the laptop
    i notice it when i’m using google chrome for example you know that grey bar for bookmarts turns to light gray that sometimes looks white

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