Dust…Frequent overheating will damage the motherboard! Here is an expanded article on heat and laptops.


The laptop starts beeping, freezes, restarts by itself or shuts down after it has been on for some time, typically 10-15 minutes or more. If you start it again, it does the same thing after just a few minutes.


Most laptops overheat because the fan intake is blocked either from placing the laptop on a soft surface or by dust. In either case you will need to let it cool down before turning it back on (may take up to 30 min). If you suspect that dust is blocking the fan/heatsink, get a compressed air can and try to clean it now (that will cool down the laptop too).

Sometimes overheating is caused by a fan malfunction. If the fan is completely stuck, the laptop will show an error message immediately after starting. However in rare cases the fan’s fins are just loose or broken and won’t move enough air to cool the laptop.

In either case you should try cleaning the fan(s) and heatsink(s) with compressed air. That is best done outside, as usually there is a surprising amount of dust accumulated in there. If the laptop continues to overheat, you will need to bring it to a repair shop.

Also if you have dropped the laptop, the screws holding the heatsink may have broken off. In this case the laptop will overheat in just a couple of minutes as the CPU has lost contact with the heatsink and is not cooled at all.



  • #77 by subramanian February 24, 2015 at: 8:29 am

    my laptop starting but after 15 mintus going shutdown .The processer fan not running

  • #76 by Martin Monaghan January 8, 2015 at: 2:32 pm

    I have a hp laptop HP Pavilion G6-2252SA and its fan has burned so i recently replaced the fan and has burned out the new fan too what would be the cause.

  • #75 by One October 1, 2014 at: 12:46 pm

    I Have a laptop with satelitte internet – Im using xbox live as my laptop continues to overheat – preventin sat explorer use – I Found out last nite that dust – had collected – I used the straw technique – it worked – now I can use Xbox Live and Sat Internet When Xbox Live goes down -

  • #74 by Teguh September 24, 2014 at: 8:10 am

    laptop overheating is usually caused by the dust that covered the air circulation channels on a laptop, just use a brush to clean it, but you must have the experience to open up your laptop components, if not take it to a handyman service

  • #73 by nabeel August 29, 2014 at: 2:03 am

    i have hp laptop when i connect with internet my pc start overheating and battery dry plz tell me solution of its ??


  • #72 by garz August 28, 2014 at: 7:33 pm

    my laptop toshiba i3 shutdown suddenly while im watching the movie in your think? what is the problem?

  • #71 by adil August 11, 2014 at: 1:07 am

    Here i would like to share my problem which is in my laptop: My laptop is hp core i5, G62. There is a problem of overheating in my laptop, due to over heating it will shut down and after 5 or 10 minutes i turn on again so now it will went off and not turn on again but NET port and wi 5 light is blinking, cooling fan will run and turn to close,,, so what problem possible in my laptop and how i can solve my this problem plz need your help

  • #70 by Jr July 6, 2014 at: 7:11 am

    I dropped mine and it makes a weird sound what do you suggest?

  • #69 by delo July 4, 2014 at: 2:09 pm

    hi I have a tosheba a300 laptop when I start it up it shuts down and restarts and erpets
    is it ram or fan or motherboad

  • #68 by Thomson Tawi June 22, 2014 at: 7:20 pm

    I have a tosiba laptop an when I switch on, within 15 to 20 minuts, it went off,.