Frequent overheating will damage the motherboard! Here is an expanded article on heat and laptops.


The laptop starts beeping, freezes, restarts by itself or shuts down after it has been on for some time, typically 10-15 minutes or more. If you start it again, it does the same thing after just a few minutes.


Dust… Most laptops overheat because the fan intake is blocked either from placing the laptop on a soft surface or by dust. In either case you will need to let it cool down before turning it back on (may take up to 30 min). If you suspect that dust is blocking the fan/heatsink, get a compressed air can and try to clean it now (that will cool down the laptop too).

Sometimes overheating is caused by a fan malfunction. If the fan is completely stuck, the laptop will show an error message immediately after starting. However in rare cases the fan’s fins are just loose or broken and won’t move enough air to cool the laptop.

In either case you should try cleaning the fan(s) and heatsink(s) with compressed air. That is best done outside, as usually there is a surprising amount of dust accumulated in there. If the laptop continues to overheat, you will need to bring it to a repair shop.

Also if you have dropped the laptop, the screws holding the heatsink may have broken off. In this case the laptop will overheat in just a couple of minutes as the CPU has lost contact with the heatsink and is not cooled at all.


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  1. Hello sir
    i got one problem in my new Lenovo Z580 befor 2 days when i was working on my machine suddenly show blue screen than in just few second screen gose off but lid light ,fan and DVD drive was working than after 5 min i switched off my machine again after 5 min switche on but it was not saw screen but fan,lid light and drive was start than after i switched off my machine than after 30 min i switched on than my machine run properlly after finished my work shout down it than after 5 min i tried to start but same problem………so pls tell me about what should i do for silve my problem and also give me information about this problem on motherboard or processer ?

  2. my hp laptop was overheating so i cleaned it up by blowing it so the problem now is that when ever there is a slit shake on the system it will automatically restart itself please what could be the problem?

  3. hi, I don’t know whether this cause due to overheating, I heard a tick tick sound from the inside of my acer laptop when i gave it a little shake and it released some smoke came through the fan area ( don’t know the right term used)..the laptop works fine but the smoke kinda scare me ..I’m really worried :/..Please help! x

  4. Hi, i have just had my dc jack repaced to my acer aspire laptop and now it has overheated, turned itself off and will not charge or power up. Was wanting to know if the dc jack replacement would have anything to do with it. I took it into a shop to get replaced. And ive had no overheating problems with laptop for over 2years. Helpp.

  5. the error message it shows is as a result of a paticular task failure which could be as a result of the internal or external of the computer,meanwhile clean up the fan and its surrounding and if problem persist try other measures related to the external and if it persist the do not exitate to tell the house about it

  6. check if the system carries out overheating,if not take the system parts off one ater the other in other to properly diagonise the system faults,as hardwere can be funny sometimes that mere assumtion without being with the system in question can cause more damage to the board of the system.so you have to becareful when dealing with system boards more especially if you are not a repairer.

  7. D.sai Santhosh____the problem you are experiencing takes place as a result of ram failure failure.when your laptop is having that you find it difficult to shot down and the system resterts byitself,among many others of the signs of ram failure

  8. #22 by *shrut*” hello pals,some fans are automatic while some are manual,the automatic fans spin immediately when the system is turn on and goes off after some seconds,to turn on again when the processor goes hot and after cooling it for sometime it goes off again,it will repeat in this manner till the system finally goes off.why the manual picks from the time the system is turned on till it goes of

  9. My Vaio freezes after startup up on both normal and safemode the screen goes pale, everything locks up, but the cursor still moves. I did a clean install of windows, so for sure its a hardware problem. So far ram test and harddrive test have both came back clean. Is there any other diagnostics I can perform

  10. My hp laptop all of a sudden got stuck on a website and won’t let me out of it. Curser is moving but won’t take any comands. Can’t get into computer controls or anything else. When I click on start to go into control panel the box is translusent and when I click on control panel it does nothing. Can you help, please

  11. Hi, I’ve read back to Jim G’s question August 26, 2008 and That IS exactly my question, Before I replace the Fan on my HP DV4 notebook.
    Disassembly risks creating other problems. Previously the fan would run at the wrong times and finally quit altogether resulting in thermal shutdowns.

  12. I was convinced my laptop, Packard Bell Easynote GN45, was overheating but having gone through and replacing everything it turned out to be the hard drive… Try it! 🙂

  13. my laptop gets high temp when im playin 2k12. and when i check the the temp in realtemp its measures around 70-80 deg.cel. the thermal status become LOG. im using dell N5010, intel core i3-380m @ 2.53GHz. is this normal for my laptop??

  14. Respected sir i am using a wipro laptop i’ve opened my laptop’s back panel to check for the no. of slots and opened my ram.and then i fixed it normally from then its is not starting at all.If it is connected to charger it is continues restarting and i am unable to shut down forcibly also when the charger is connected.it is shutting down only after unplugging the charger….can you tell me the problem ???

  15. Hi I own Lenovo Y410. The laptop shuts abruptly after some time. I feel it is related to the fan because it stops spinning some times. What do I do?

  16. I have HP Pavillion dv5 1020ev and I’m dealing with a very strange problem to me.
    I turn on the laptop , some times turn on normally , with out any problem , normal speed everything ok. Windows is loading check the temperatures with HWTemperature monitor and the temperatures are fine, but after some time, 5 min- 5 hours the laptop turn off and when I’m trying to turn it on again it does turn on for few sec or for max 1 min and then turn off again.
    I have changed the cpu paste also I have clean the heatsinks but the problem is still there.
    I can’t understand what is wrong, is the motherboard , the CPU, or something else? I have remove any nonessential part but the same problem.
    (windows are fresh new, no viruses etc)
    Can anyone help me with this?

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