Advanced TinyMCE Configuration

This plugin is intended for more advanced users that would like to change the default editor configuration or to add more options. It would also be useful for developers that want a quick way to set TinyMCE in a specific way for their clients.

All options for TinyMCE can be found at

Download this plugin here.

34 thoughts on “Advanced TinyMCE Configuration”

  1. Is it possible to use this plugin or the TinyCME Advanced plugin to do either or both of the following:
    (1) In the Visual Editor, switch the default behavior, so that return (or enter) generates a linebreak () whereas shift return (or shift enter) generates a new paragraph ( … )?
    (2) In the Visual Editor, is it possible to find someway so that text pasted in from MS Word puts linebreaks
    around single returns rather than paragraph breaks, and paragraph breaks around double returns?
    This is the behavior for text pasted in from, .e.g., textedit (the default mac editor).

    Thank you in advance!

  2. My theme (Thesis) does not have an editor-style.css

    So if I wanted to add only a few custom styles to the drop down menu “Styles” within tinymce advanced, where do I place this editor-style.css

    I am guessing I:
    1) check the import editor-style.css” (within advanced options of tinymce advanced settings).
    2) created an editor-style.css file.
    3) Upload it somewhere within my website directory.

    assistance much appreciated!

  3. Hi,
    I’d really like a page on Advanced Configuration inside WordPress, listing things I can add to my functions.php file, such as adding the styles dropdown and the table bar by default instead of doing it manually in the settings. I’d like to choose the default buttons in my theme.

    Also I was hoping you could fix something. This issue exists both in regular and Advanced MCE, a minor but frustrating thing.
    If you create a div element using a style dropdown at the end of your page, there is no selectable area available to add more content. If the last tag in your page is “end div”, then you *must* go to the html view in order to keep adding content to the end of your post. That would make any div styles much less useful for users who don’t want to tinker in html view. I tired css:after, but it’s not very good at creating selectable areas. The whole thing just needs an empty paragraph at the end until the upload button gets pushed.

    Nice job on the plugin. Your drag-drop UI for the toolbars was well-conceived. 🙂

  4. Hey – have just tried installing this so I can add some custom styles to the styles dropdown list in Tiny MCE. Maybe I am just caffeine-deprived but I cannot work out how to get it working – can you please provide an example of Option Name and Value to have an option in the drop down list to make red text…

    Thanks, Nigel

  5. Nevermind! I’m so stupid, lol! I added them another way in my functions php, the same line I added there to a filter so when I deleted that entry from your plugin, it was showing what I loaded with my filter! Why doesn’t WordPress come with all the buttons? I thought maybe they were just disabled and none of the plugins have all of the buttons I want. You can see from my earlier post which buttons I need. I guess I will have to figure out how to make my own tinyMCE plugin. Any advice to get me going faster would be much appreciated!

  6. I tried it out cuz I wanted to add some of the TinyMCE buttons that were missing but it only added two buttons. To add them, I clicked the “Show the default settings” button, went down to “theme_advanced_buttons3”, clicked the “change” button, and added:


    Only the styleselect and visualaid buttons appeared. I decided to do this another way since this would work so I clicked “remove” to remove my changes and checked the page and the buttons were still there! I came back and clicked “show default settings” again and sure enough, it showed them as default settings. Even if I remove the plugin, the changes remain! So I tried to do it again and this time set it to blank and save changes but the default did not change! I can’t get rid of the changes your plugin made! I’m getting really frustrated! This is costing me a lot of valuable time! How can I get rid of these changes your plugin made?

  7. i’m keen to give this plugin a go but i’m just a little bit surprised it only has 8 ratings, I was expecting quite a few more. Do you think this is anything to worry about? Thanks Mike

  8. Hello Andrew,

    great plugin!
    I have some strange behavior, maybe you know what the problem is.
    I have created a dynamic list of links and use the option “external_link_list_url” include that list in my adv. link screen (I’m using TinyMCE Advanced too).
    This works fine for any static .js file and not for a dyn. version. If I call the file inside the browser it show exactly the right array and it works if I use that code in my static file too.
    It should work because I used the same function on several non-wordpress sites too.
    I used also mod_rewrite to rewrite the .php extension to a .js extension; the same problem. Is there maybe a limit in WordPress?


  9. Is it possible to just show your own styles in the wysiwyg-editor with Advanced TinyMCE? I imported my own classes with Advanced options (editor-style.css), but it still shows the custom classes also. How do I remove those?

  10. Can you give some examples of applications that would be good for using the Advanced TinyMCE Settings? I’m not really understanding what it does.

  11. I saw this option on convert_urls. It said that URLs are automatically converted (messed up) by default because browser works this way..can anyone be kind enough to explain this? I was alittle surprise to read this because that means browser at the background will mess up our internal urls?

  12. I was wonder when the next version of TinyMce will be available to support 3.1.3 and above? Also, is there a ‘user manual’ for TinyMce Advanced? thank you, karen

  13. All I wanted was to add one style to TinyMCE (I have a quicktag in the HTML editor), and I’ve been struggling to find a quick and simple solution. TinyMCE Advanced is clever stuff, but total overkill for what I wanted.

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