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This plugin was discontinued as there was little interest in it. It no longer works in newer WordPress versions. It seemed like a good idea at the time but very few people even tried it…

If you are organizing your blog by category and perhaps using the “Categories” menu for navigation, this plugin will help you make nice category descriptions that appear at the top of each category page. It enables the WordPress visual editor (TinyMCE) on the Edit Category admin page and lets you add or edit the descriptions the same way you write posts. It lets you add images, links, lists, font colours, headings, etc.


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If your theme doesn’t display category descriptions, have a look at the WordPress codex page about the category_description template tag.

Standard WordPress quick and easy installation:

  1. Download.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Upload the “cat-description-editor” folder to the plugins directory and activate the plugin.
  4. Log in WordPress and activate the plugin.
  5. Edit any category to see the changes.

Version 1.1 supports adding and editing descriptions to both categories and tags, new in WordPress 2.8. The enhanced editor is only available on the Edit Category or Edit Tag pages. To add description to a category or tag, create it first then edit it by clicking on it’s name.

Version 1.0 supports (and requires) WordPress 2.7. The enhanced editor is only available on the Edit Category page. To add description to a category, create it first then edit it by clicking on it’s name.

109 thoughts on “Category Description Editor”

  1. I have used and appreciated TinyMCE Advanced for several years. But sadly, since WP 4.2.2 it is suddenly useless, and the tips found here to correct things also don’t work, yet you say it’s compatible? Seems not so.

    Hopefully you’ll make it work again, but meanwhile I can’t use this app.

  2. Hello, I’m developping a web site with WordPress 4.1.1, I have tried to install your Category Description Editor plugin, I have copied the plugin into the folder plugins of my wordpress installation and then I have activated the plugin.

    When I try to add a new Category I dont see your plugin working. When I edit a old category I either see your plugin.

    What’s wrong?, it doesn’t work with wordpress 4.1.1.

    I’m from Spain, sorry by my English. Thanks so much.

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