Comment Form Resizer

This plugin is no longer needed. All current browsers make all textareas resizable by default. Nothing to see here any more… :)


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  2. Great plug in i just love this WP plug in and play stuff tok me a little while to sort the resizer.php
    out but works great , Like marc says you can put bigger txt in paragraphs and edit , thanks very much for your pug in pease keep up he good work i will keep checking for more and add you to our fav ;-))

  3. I am a newbie to WP and, though proficient at Dreamweaver and other html tools, WP has me totally confused. This plug in seems to be a great tool to help me through customizing my WP site, however, I am clueless as to how it works: after installing it ,I am able to activate it under the MANAGE menu in WP, then I clear the cache, log out of WP and expect the changes to work under PRESENTATION/THEME EDITOR…. but no dice! What am I doing wrong? Please help with a tip or point me out to a place where I can get a better understanding of how to edit my Theme using this tool. Thanks for the help and the development of this, Ed

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