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Shutter Reloaded is an image viewer for your website that works similarly to Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. but is lean and mean at only 10KB size. It does not require any external libraries. It has all standard features: resizing large images if the window is too small to display them with option to show the image in full size, unlimited number of image sets, pre-loading of neighbour images for faster display and very good browser compatibility.

This plugin also offers customization of colour and opacity settings for the background and colour for the caption, text links (if used) and the image count.

There are options to enable Shutter Reloaded for all links pointing to an image on your site (with option to exclude some pages), or just on selected pages. It can be enabled only for image links with a specific CSS class or by using Lightbox style activation (rell=”lightbox[…]”). It also can “auto-make” sets for each post/page.

Many thanks to Gerhard Lehnhoff, for translating Shutter Reloaded to German and for the suggestions, and to Lise, for the French translation.

Shutter Reloaded is easily integrated with Alex Rabe’s excellent NextGEN Gallery plugin. More info.


Shutter Reloaded demo 450 X 325 Shutter Reloaded demo 600 X 450 Shutter Reloaded demo 900 X 600 Shutter Reloaded demo 1200 X 900


Image sets are created by using class=”shutterset” to the link pointing to the image. Adding class=”shutterset” also activates the plugin, there’s no need to add both classes, shutterset and shutter. Multiple sets are created by using class=”shutterset_setname”, where setname can be any ascii word and/or a number. If using Lightbox style activation, sets are created by adding a set name in the square brackets. More help is available on the admin page of the plugin.


Shutter Reloaded activation optionsShutter Reloaded activation optionsShutter Reloaded activation optionsShutter Reloaded activation optionsShutter Reloaded activation options


If you’re having any problems with Shutter try downloading the current development version. All bug-fixes, improvements and new features will be available there first. It should be stable enough for use, however some quick testing after activation would be a good idea. Please report any new bugs or incompatibilities with other plugins by commenting below.

Shutter Reloaded version 2.4



Standard WordPress quick and easy installation:

  1. Download.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Upload to the plugins folder.
  4. Log in WordPress and activate the plugin.
  5. Go to “Options -> Shutter Reloaded” and set your preferences.

To upgrade: deactivate and delete the old version, then follow the above instructions to install the new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have … plugin installed that also uses javascript, will there be any conflicts/incompatibilities?

Since Shutter Reloaded does not use any js libraries, it does not interfere with them. It uses an onload event but has a function to play nice with other scripts that use onload too (from WordPress).

  • What will happen if my site visitors have Javascript disabled?

Then none of your links will be changed and will work as usual.

  • I have a thumbnail link but it points to a webpage, not to image. Will that affect Shutter Reloaded?

No, Shutter Reloaded looks only for links pointing to an image (with thumbnails or not), and will not change any other link, even if the link has the same css class used for activation.

670 thoughts on “Shutter Reloaded WordPress plugin”

  1. I’m using NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress and have the Shutter effects on and working exactly the way I want. However, I’m coming across one problem and not sure where to start.

    I have a gallery with over 60 images. You have to scroll down and down to view pictures. When you click an image all the way down, I see the page reset back to the top. Meaning… instead of staying put, it takes you back to the top of the web page (which makes me scroll down and down again). Not sure why, but if anyone has a fix or can lead me in the right direction.

    Any help would be great! Thank you guys in advance.

  2. When attempting to view the images on the darkened background using apple tablets, iPads, iPods and iPhones, the images flicker, flash on and off and are basically not viewable.

  3. Hello! I am from Russia and I have long been using your plugin, but I wish that you would help me to translate into Russian words that are on the menu when you open a picture. I use the word, not the pictures, so I really would like you to help me translate the words on the menu when opening pictures)))

  4. Hi Andrew,
    i hope you are open for questions or improvement ideas.

    I use your plugin alongside Slickr Flickr for my kiddo’s cart racing home page .
    It is the best functioning and looking plugin of it’s kind i found for the purpose, with one ecxeption, on iPod’s the enlarged images are pretty badly screwed up, i was told that’s because the iPod’s do not have Flash built in, not sure of that, but i wanted to ask you if there is a fix for that??

  5. It doesn’t appear under Options, it appears under Appearance. There is no Options menu in the current version of WP.

  6. I’m a newbie wordpress blogger. I uploaded your plug-in and I think it looks great as well as being incredibly easy to use.
    On my blog, in the posts that contain only one image, the plug-in works flawlessly. However, on some posts I have a few images that I put into a gallery. I want the user to be able to click on the small image, that wordpress automatically puts in a grid format, and for your plug-in to kick in and zoom to the full size image. But what’s happening is, if I click on the thumbnail in the grid, the blog goes to a separate page just containing that image (and sidebar/footer things), where if the user clicks the image again, then your plug-in goes into effect.

    Any advice as to how to get it to work in galleries, without the user having to navigate away from the front page?


  7. nice option but when I open it on I pad the scripts flips out and open closes every second. Can this be fixed?
    You can reproduce it when you click on the image and click again to close it. next time you open it it messes up the functions 🙁


  8. Hi,

    My question is gone..?!

    I asked if it is possible to remove the text ‘next&previous’ by a popup.

    Please help me!


  9. Hi ,
    i am using this plugin
    i add a photo on my webpage as a thumbnail or Medium Size Image , but when i click on the image posted on my post , it doesnt open the image in FULL SIZE , it is in the same size as i put in the post as a thumbnail….
    Could you help me please ??
    Thank you

  10. Hello,
    Great plugin! Fast and Sweet!
    but …
    I used this plugin with the old theme of my blog but now I can not I seting it to work with LondonLive

    This plugin works with the theme London Live 3 In 1 – News, Magazine And Blog ???

  11. Hi:
    I’m a having a problem with the plug in and I’m not sure how to fix it. If I go to any photo in any blog post and click on it, the photo opens on a separate full blown web page, and sometimes tries to drop into two places on that page. If I click on the photo again, I get the nice floating image I want, but something seems to be interfering with the first click. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  12. Great plugin! Fast and Sweet!


    There is a but…

    It features most horrible multi-image navigation ever!

    Looking at the bottom of the screen to find two tiny arrows to navigate to the next / previous image is nothing short of disaster of design – so here is big PLEASE to developer to at least implement an OPTION with next release to change this horrible navigation!

    By far the best way to navigate multiple images, in my opinion, is what Facebook did – in other words:

    1. Click OUTSIDE of the image to close

    2. Click / tap ON A IMAGE loads next / previous photo

    3. Enable loop. In other words, after clicking on last image first one loads again.

    This would do but anything similar to above would be fine as well just PLEASE REMOVE CURRENT TINY ARROWS at the bootm of the screen since they are literally ruining what’s most wonderful product.

  13. @sarah (#650):
    Just install the plugin and activate it at least for class=”shutterset”. Then go to the effect-tab in NextGEN Gallery’s options and set the following code as own JS-effect: class=”shutterset_%GALLERY_NAME%” . That’s it!

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