Hard Disk Password

It is not a very well known fact, but all hard disks have a very strong hardware password capability build in. This password is usually stored both in a chip on the HD controller (the printed circuit board on the hard disk) and on the hard disk itself in a special hidden sector.

Setting this password will make the hard disk completely unusable to anyone that doesn’t know it. And not only on your computer, but on any computer.

A lot of newer laptops will set the HD password together with the BIOS password, completely locking all the hardware.

The hard disk manufacturers are unable to unlock a password protected hard disk, as there aren’t any “secret” master passwords build into the firmware. Even swapping the controller of the password-protected hard disk with exactly the same controller from an unprotected HD will not remove the protection on most disks, as the password (together with most of the firmware) is also stored on the hard disk itself.

The only way of retrieving any files from a password protected hard disk without knowing the password is to send it to a data recovery company for unlocking, but not all data recovery companies could or would unlock a password protected HD.

In this time of rising identity theft, protecting your personal data by locking your hard disk with a password is indeed a good idea. The downside is that when the HD eventually malfunctions it will be harder or even impossible to retrieve any files from it. So, the first rule of using a computer applies here in full strength – “Your data is only as good as your latest backup”!


  • #347 by S Nzama April 23, 2014 at: 12:55 pm

    Sata Port 0 WDC WD3200BPVT – 22ES LOCK. Please help me. All my work is locked in there

  • #346 by S Nzama April 23, 2014 at: 12:47 pm

    Hi my emachines laptop needs an HDD unlock code. Please help. Its a 320 GB HDD

  • #345 by debbie February 10, 2014 at: 7:36 pm

    i do not have a clue how to recover anything, because i am unable to do anything on my computer.

  • #344 by gsm amine January 18, 2014 at: 10:27 am

    help me for hdd locked
    dell latitude 6430u

  • #343 by Kathryn October 29, 2013 at: 1:53 pm

    i need help unlocking mines!

    SATA Port 0 WCD WD1600BEVT-22A23Lock

  • #342 by Clamour Rodney October 12, 2013 at: 12:31 pm

    My Hitachi Hard drive-HTS541680J9SA00 is requesting for a pass word and i have faild to clear it.please i need help.

  • #341 by Garreth October 1, 2013 at: 1:43 am

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  • #340 by AHM August 21, 2013 at: 2:42 pm

    samsung NP355E4X-A02MY

    System disabled 02C818894D68993000


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