Here you will find all you’ve ever needed to know about caring for your files and software…

Backing Up

If you use your computer for just playing games, browsing the Internet and have an online email, the only files you may want to backup are your bookmarks/favorites and your saved games. However if you also have some media files (like mp3s, pictures, movies, etc.) and especially if you use your... ( Read more → )

Emergency Backup

There are thousands of articles on how important it is to backup your data. And still I haven't met a person whose hard disk has just died, that didn't loose some files. The simple truth is that "Your data is only as good as your latest backup"! Backup files from a non-starting computer If the... ( Read more → )

Whole HD Backup

There are several programs that would backup your whole hard disk and would restore it even to a different one, so if your HD dies, you can just pop-in the new one in the computer and be up and running in less than a hour. One of the most popular program for this type of backup is Norton Ghost... ( Read more → )

Corrupted Files

Computer files can get damaged in several different ways: by a power interruption, by virus or badly written software, by bad RAM or by physical damage to the hard disk. Symptoms: The laptop starts as usual but when Windows starts to load it goes to black screen with either... ( Read more → )

Software Failures

The more severe software problems are usually caused by a hardware failure. No start (with or without an error message), frequent crashes with different errors each time, frequent freezes or Windows running extremely slow all indicate hard disk, memory (RAM), motherboard or overheating problems. If... ( Read more → )