Software Failures

The more severe software problems are usually caused by a hardware failure. No start (with or without an error message), frequent crashes with different errors each time, frequent freezes or Windows running extremely slow all indicate hard disk, memory (RAM), motherboard or overheating problems. If you have used the recommendations for setting up Windows with two accounts, the chances of having viruses or spyware are very slim.


The most common software failures are caused by viruses and spyware. The computer is running slow, Internet doesn’t work, there’s an icon next to the clock that tries to scare you into buying some kind of “antispyware”, Internet Explorer doesn’t work, when you try to start a program it takes more than a minute for it to appear, etc.

The other common cause of software problems is when updating or installing a new driver or a Windows update. In these cases the fix is easy: restart the computer in safe mode and use Windows’ build in System Restore to undo the last installation/update. If the computer doesn’t want to start in safe mode, Windows has to be reinstalled.


There are two ways of doing this:

Try to remove all viruses and spyware, although there are some really nasty trojans and rootkits that are almost impossible to remove. This method seems faster and easier but it can take from about two hours to over six hours.

Reinstall Windows. Backup your files, reinstall/restore Windows from the CDs that came with the computer, then install back all the programs you use and copy back your files. This method will probably take at least three or four hours and you will have to redo all custom settings you have in Windows and in the main programs you use. The advantage of this method is that it will take care of all software problems you may be having and your computer will run faster at the end.

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  1. the software is the soul of the operating system, without software computer is nothing.bit some time our laptop was crashed or giving some error message for that type of problem or any windows related problem you can visit

  2. sir i want to start my laptop but it is not starting , the power button bling with some sound as ( tu ‘tu) after some time the sound will of & and there is nothing on my screen.

    soo what to do??? plz tell

      1. I think your RAM is already broken. Try to change the RAM first. But try to use the secondhand RAM first, if its function, so buy the new RAM.

  3. I accidently deleted all of my programs, Windows, drives, everything possible so now I have just a laptop which is useless. How do I get things back on it? It won’t even play cd’s! That is how much I deleted……EVERYTHING!
    Please help

  4. This didn’t work for my HP laptop
    It refuses to completely reinstall windows, which has been on 64% installed for 19 hours now.
    Is it a fault in the original software the laptop had downloaded or could it be a virus? The laptop shuts itself on and off trying to download windows at the moment.

  5. My laptop does not turn on but keeps on making the on and off blue light.I really don’t know what’s going on.any help.

    1. If hardware configuration is good than follow this option other wise increase your hardware configurations first,

      1. first of all free spaces required in your pc ‘c’ drive according windows, if pc ‘c’ drive has well free spaces, check your system performance than uninstall programs which is consuming more power of processor.
      2. Do Pc tune-up by removing (recycle bin, temp, %temp%, recent) files, than use “disk cleanup”. The whole command which is written in the bracket will be run in Run(win+r) and rest of open in the start menu search bar.
      3. After all this, restart your pc, your pc performance will be very good.

  6. The last time I had a big problem and had to reinstall Windows I backed up all my data. After the windows install I tried re-entering all my files and found them all corrupted. This Windows install cost me 6 months of work and a lot of costly programs where lost.

  7. It was very helpful, I congratulate you as your follower. Helpful and informative thank you very much that you made about the announcement. affection.

  8. You never can be too careful about taking care of your PC. Clicking on free download links many times will get you adware, spyware, or malware installed on your computer. Being vigilant, using common sense, and using the right products to protect your computer is a must. Our computers are way to important to lose our identity, or have to spend time removing viruses.
    Thanks for your advice on “Laptop Tips” – it’s was a useful resource and I’ve bookmarked a few of them for future reference.
    Are there any other antivirus blogs (or web resources in general) that you can recommend to me?

  9. I have installed many softwares in F drive and many of the installation cds are not available with me. I need to format C drive now. How can retain programs installed in F drive after formatting C? Will a backup of registry or something like that will serve the purpose?

  10. i have a sony latop when i open my laptop it shows the VAIO logo after then it shows the 🙁 sad smiley sign and then again restart ….

    help me ..

  11. i have a another latop acer i flashing the bios the screen is death
    when i push my button power the screen appear black what i can i do the problem i flashing the earlier version of bios what solution for me….

  12. To get rid of viruses you just have to pay like 20 bucks to for example Panda Active Scan, it is a remote anti-virus that finds everything and removes it. Since I started using this about a year ago I am not worried about viruses anymore. It´s worth not having to re-install windows every other few months.

  13. The last time I had a big problem and had to reinstall Windows I backed up all my data. After the windows install I tried re-entering all my files and found them all corrupted. This Windows install cost me 6 months of work and a lot of costly programs where lost.

  14. My laptop froze and I had to restart it “improperly”, and now when I turn it on, i get a black screen with just my cursor. i’ve let it sit for 20 minutes thinking maybe its running slow, but it never ever loads.

  15. My commputer crashed and know it will not satart up. It will go through the reboot system and then telles me that there is not a partition installed. How do I reinstall this program. Do I need a new laptop or new software, hardware.

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